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Equine Body Balancing by Kelli Heidt

Just as appreciation for bodywork for human athletes has growth, so too has the therapy’s benefits for horses gained respect and recognition.  Kelli will explain and demonstrate Body Balancing using massage techniques, myofascial release, pressure point therapy, stretching and flexing. 

This approach can:

*  Assist in balancing the whole body by treating the body as a whole
* Simulate circulation and releases endorphins –the body’s natural pain killers
* Create a positive effect on contractual and release process of the muscle. When tension is released, muscles relax and natural body alignment follows.

Kelli has been raised with horses and is a competitive Barrel Racer throughout the country.  In 2003, she was introduced to the difference of riding a horse with no body pain and a balanced structure by her future husband, Kit Heidt.  During that year, she became certified in Equine Massage Therapy and Kinesiology as well as learning other bodywork modalities.  Working alongside Kit in their company Animal Krackers, Kelli Body Balances horses using massage, myofascial release, pressure point therapy, stretching and flexing.

What is a Holistic Approach to Horse Care by Lisa Ross-Williams & Monique Warren

Just as many people have turned to a more holistic and healthy lifestyle for themselves, their horses too are benefiting from this balanced awareness. Horses today are viewed more as companions or members of the family rather than beasts of burden, and horse guardians/caretakers are realizing it’s important to allow horses to be “horses”. It is essential to fulfill their basic biological and psychological needs as a whole or holistically; the way they are kept, fed, cared for, worked with, and related to needs to align with their equine nature as much as possible. 

Lisa will briefly outline the main principles of a holistic horse care approach, many are followed up by presentations at the Expo.

Lisa Ross-Williams is a natural horse care consultant and host of the If Your Horse Could Talk webcast available at She has completed the Basic Veterinary Homeopathy course through the British Institute of Homeopathy, holds a degree in Environmental Plant Science, and is an Equine Iridology Technician. Lisa is the Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of Natural Horse Magazine and the author of the award winning book, Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care available at Lisa is also the co-creator of Equi-Spirit Toys & Tools,  

Monique Warren is the owner of Hay Pillow Inc. and has been an equine guardian for forty years. Studying equine nutrition and the equine foot are her passions. She resides in southern California.


Balanced, Equine Dentistry by Wes Campbell, CEqD and Jodi Davenport, CEqD

Many owners don’t equate performance, behavior problems or body soreness with dental issues and instead blame the horse for misbehaving. But many times, it can be due to pain, including pain from dental problems. Dental issues can contribute to neck, back and hock pain or even affect the wear pattern of a hoof. Proper dental care is extremely important to whole horse soundness.

Wes and Jodi will explain basic anatomy and function of the horse’s mouth, what common dental issues horses have and explain the difference between a basic float and who mouth balancing.

Wes Campbell, CEqD (Certified Equine Dentist) began studying equine dentistry in 1998 at the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Glenns Ferry, Idaho.  He has over 1376 hours of education, is certified through the IAED (International Association of Equine Dentistry) and is registered with the Arizona Veterinary Medical Examining Board as a legal practitioner.  He returns to the Academy every year to further his education and share experience with other dental practitioners. Wes has helped over 1000 plus horses achieve better dental balance.

Jodi Davenport, CEqD embarked on a new passion of equine dentistry which began at the Academy of Equine Dentistry in 2003.  She became certified in 2004, is certified through the IAED (International Association of Equine Dentistry) and is registered with the Arizona Veterinary Medical Examining Board as a legal practitioner. She returns to the Academy every year to further her education.  Jodi states, “It warms my heart to see results post dental equilibration.”

Natural Horsemanship-Introduction to Liberty Training by Leslie Nichols

Taking the lines off and enjoying your horse, animal to animal, heart to heart, is possibly the most fulfilling experience you can have with your horse. Liberty may also be the most challenging experience as well. When you give your horse freedom, he tells you exactly how he feels about your relationship with him, and shows you what he needs from you. Your horse already knows how to do Liberty – it’s you that needs to learn. The exciting news is that Liberty is a dimension that you can add to your relationship with your horse – beginning right now. 

In this presentation, Leslie Nichols presents:

Why free will and choice is key to a Liberty relationship, and how you can create the sense of freedom for your horse, even in a round pen

Why you must take on full responsibility for inspiring your horse to be with you and perform for you.

Several fun exercises you can do right now to get started on Liberty

Attention, Please!  How to get your horse’s attention and interest, without using pressure

Be with Me bonding principles and exercises, which are the foundation to Liberty

Come to Me, and Follow Me, the two most important behaviors for Liberty play.

Leslie Nichols, from Phoenix, AZ, is founder of Equine Liberty Sports™, an internet-based teaching experience that offers horse owners all over the world a “passport” into the incredible world of Liberty. 

Equine Liberty Sports focuses on creating a fulfilling and successful learning process  for horse owners who are eager to experience their horses in the most fundamental way possible.  Subscribers of Equine Liberty Sports enjoy a comprehensive, step-by-step lesson plan that bridges common horsemanship practices to newer and progressive methods, as well as a continual support and fun through The Liberty Handlers Arena, a private section of the website just for subscribers.

In her demonstrations, Leslie Nichols showcases the rewards and the challenges of relating to your horse when they are given free will and choice. The shift in thinking and the new character of the relationship between horse and handler is why Leslie Nichols refers to Liberty as the “New Master Class in Horsemanship.”


Or follow Equine Liberty Sports through:  Facebook, Equine Liberty Sports website blog, YouTube and Vimeo


Equine Acupressure-Help for the Hindquarters by Kristen Guerra

Acupressure offers you a way to actively participate in your horse’s health.  It gives you a means of building a close relationship with your horse and his well-being, and contributes to years of quality performance and mutual enjoyment.

Horses are asked to do many tasks for us. From jumping, to barrel racing, to trail riding, they give us their all. Often times they come up with lameness, stiffness, or maybe a shortened stride in the hind end. There are many tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints in the hindquarters that are put to the test with every movement. Acupressure can help to relieve the discomfort and create more suppleness to improve the function of the hindquarters. Come learn some points you can use to help your horse move more smoothly.

Kristen Guerra is a Certified Equine and Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner and Assistant Instructor with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. She owns and manages Desert Spring Ranch in Mesa, Arizona. Kristen specializes in rehabilitating horses and dogs. She has worked with a huge variety of horses over the years from injured barrel racing horses and Thoroughbreds off the race track to Grand Prix Dressage horses. She is also known for her work with rescued Greyhounds.

Kristen began her studies in equine and small animal acupressure in 2002 and has been an assistant instructor for the past five years with Tallgrass. She has explored other healing modalities and consistently practices acupressureas her base. She finds animals to be highly responsive to acupressure techniques.

What To Expect from a Natural Hoof Trimmer by Kenny Williams

With the natural hoof care movement growing by leaps and bounds, many horse guardians are seeking out barefoot trimmers. But just as in all professions, there are the good, bad, and ugly. Far too many people latch onto the first practitioner they find without having an idea of what to expect from this person. Remember, you are the client as well as your horse’s protector. It’s important to make an informed decision in picking this member of your horse’s care team.

Kenny will cover the basics of finding a qualified natural hoof trimmer and key points to keep in mind.

Kenny Williams is a natural hoof care provider and educator. He utilizes natural horsemanship, essential oils and energy work to help balance horses in mind, body and spirit. He offers hoof care consultations, private trimming instruction and clinics. He has completed the Reiki 1/Equine Reiki course and has been involved with natural horsemanship since 1997. His empathy and understanding are never-ending and benefit all the horses and humans his passion touches.

Kenny is also part owner of Natural Horse Magazine.



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