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How Holistic Veterinary Medicine Can Help Your Animal by Todd Metcalf, DVM

The focus of this presentation will be on how the use of a thorough holistic evaluation of an animal's condition can give an enormous amount of helpful information that can be used for an animal's benefit.  Often, this approach can lead to remarkable turn-arounds in their health. Specific conditions will be discussed.

Dr. Metcalf graduated from UC Davis in 1980.  He has 25 years experience in conventional practice and surgery, and 14 years of doing holistic therapies (there was a period when he did both. The last 8 years have been exclusively holistic). He has advanced training in Veterinary Acupuncture, Veterinary Osteopathic Manipulation, and Veterinary Herbal Therapies, and Nutritional Therapies.).  Harmony Holistic Veterinary Care has been providing services in the Prescott area since 2003.

Acupressure-Focus for Training by Kristen Guerra

Acupressure offers you a way to actively participate in your canine family member’s health.  It gives you a means of building a close relationship with your dog and his well-being, and contributes to years of quality life and mutual enjoyment.

Kristen Guerra is a Certified Equine and Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner and Assistant Instructor with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. She owns and manages Desert Spring Ranch in Mesa, Arizona. Kristen specializes in rehabilitating horses and dogs. She has worked with a huge variety of horses over the years from injured barrel racing horses and Thoroughbreds off the race track to Grand Prix Dressage horses. She is also known for her work with rescued Greyhounds.

Kristen began her studies in equine and small animal acupressure in 2002 and has been an assistant instructor for the past five years with Tallgrass. She has explored other healing modalities and consistently practices acupressureas her base. She finds animals to be highly responsive to acupressure techniques.

Essential Oils for Dogs-More than just a Pretty Scent by Rich Sherlock

Essential Oils, which act on both an emotional and physical level are derived from shrubs, herbs, trees and seeds. They are an invaluable addition to any canine guardian’s care regimen.

Rich will present a brief history of essential oils and why they work, the do’s and don’ts on usage, how to choose the oil to best assist with the condition, and how to safety apply the oil. He will conclude with a question and answer session.

Rich Sherlock grew up on a farm in NW Montana and has been connected to animals and nature all his life.  He has been studying and practicing many modalities of Spiritual energy healing including the use of essential essences.  Since the 1990’s he has become certified in Akashic record reading, Theta, Aromatherapy, percussion therapy, along with other modalities.  When assisting, he allows these modalities to assist the needs of the client, animal or human.  For the last 10 years he has worked full time for an essential oil company that has expanded his knowledge in the connection to the plant and tree kingdom.   Rich welcomes questions about quality essential oils:  928-592-3805.

Non-Sedation Dental Cleaning by Kim Sheridan

Many dog owners feel uncomfortable with sedation because of the risks involved. Non-Sedation dental cleaning is a safe, effective, and affordable alternative that allows your dog to be awake, relaxed and comfortable while they have their teeth cleaned!

As a dog lover herself, Kim Sheridan (owner of Pearly Whites) believes that your dog's health is important. After years of raising both horses and dogs, fostering and rescuing dogs young and old, and having worked with dogs big and small, Kim knows the role that a clean mouth plays in an animal's overall health. She agrees with veterinarians' expert opinion that healthy teeth and gums also means a healthy liver, heart and kidneys for your dog.

Bringing the natural canine dental cleaning process to the comfort of your own home, and using essential oils for relaxation, takes the risk and stress of a conventional dental cleaning out of the equation... so your dog can enjoy getting his or her teeth pearly white!



Benefits of Canine Massage by Bernadette Lafferty

Just as massage has therapeutic benefits for humans, this modality also has many benefits to our canine friends.  Some of those benefits include:

1. Enhances Muscle Tone
2. Increased Range of Motion
3. Reduces Inflammation and Swelling in Joints
4. Assists in Healing

Bernadette will explain in detail the above benefits while demonstrating some massage techniques on a dog volunteer.

Bernadette Lafferty’s interest in Canine Massage started when one of her older dachshunds caught her paw in our fence and tweaked her back. She was unable to use her hind legs and
the Veterinarian gave her two choices; to have a very expensive surgery or to put her out of her misery. Bernadette started massaging her on a regular basis and after 2 weeks, the Vet couldn't believe that she was walking again.

She took a beginner Canine Massage Class at Yavapai College and decided to become Certified in Sports Massage at Brandenburg Canine Massage in Ohio back in 2009. She currently specializes in Surgery Recovery, Acupressure, and Stress & Trigger Point Techniques.

In December of 2009, she graduated from ASIS Massage School here in Prescott, AZ and passed the Boards January, 2010. She is also practicing Medical Massage Techniques for Humans and own the Natural Healing Center on Sheldon & Virginia in Prescott.


Benefits of a Raw Food Diet by Kristin Jensen

Raw food is the most biologically appropriate way to feed your cuddly carnivore. A raw food diet has many health benefits, giving your pet more energy, healthier skin and coat, healthier teeth, better digestion, and overall a better disposition.

Kristin Jensen has been animal focused her entire life. She volunteered with the Maricopa county Sheriff's Department as a certified K9 handler and has worked with several animal rescues, fostering, training and adopting dogs. She works with the Arizona Humane Society as an adoption counselor, finding perfect homes for pets. She has also worked as a nutrition and training specialist for Pet Planet stores in Arizona. Currently, she is completing her degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Arizona.

Kristin has been a raw feeder for many years, and knows first hand the benefits of a raw food diet. As a demonstrator for Primal Pet Foods, Kristin gets to educate about raw and show off her own raw fed pup, Ellie!


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